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Boots No7 vs. Clinique: BB creams

Is paying more for designer brand cosmetics really worth it? We wanted to know the answer to that question when we found a foundation from Boots that was almost the same as the one we had been using by Clinique. … Continue reading

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See the light and beat those winter blues

I spent a good chunk of my teenage years complaining that I hated winter, and that I wished it could be summer all year round. However, I swiftly realised that I would be miserable for half of my life and … Continue reading

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Blemish freedom

Blemishes, spots, zits, pimples. No matter what you call them, we can all agree that they are evil and need to eliminated! If you’ve been unfortunate enough to suffer from a rogue bump to a full-blown outbreak, you might have … Continue reading

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Gelato vs. ice cream

Gelato and ice cream are very similar. Both are creamy, sugary, frozen goodness that we just can’t get enough of. Gelato is noticeably smoother in consistency than ice cream and, some may argue, tastier. What’s the real difference between the … Continue reading

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