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It’s a new year and with that comes resolutions. For most of us, the main resolution is to eat healthier and lose weight. However, I know that it’s not easy to keep that resolution for long. Studies show that 36% of resolution makers have already given up the ghost. In six months, 54% have thrown in the towel. The main reasons why people failed to stick with their new habits are: lack of tasks planning, organisation and the proper tools to achieve the goals.

Regarding tools, phone apps could be truly helpful to achieve your healthy eating goals this year. They help you to monitor and plan your meals and shopping trips. So if you want to lose weight or simply want to be eat healthier, here are five apps that could help your get your dream body in 2013.

Whole Foods Market Recipes
This app is amazing! It provides you great recipes according to your specific dietary needs. You can get vegetarian, gluten-free, low fat or even high fiber foods suggestions. Besides offering specific recipes, it also helps you assess your food’s nutritional quality, such as the level of fat, protein or sugar. It’s also great because it can be used as shopping list when you’re shopping at the market. For me, it’s one the most convenient apps I’ve ever used.
Cost: FREE in the iTunes store

Cooking Light Recipes: Quick and Healthy Menu Maker
The Cooking Light Magazine recipe app is a sure fire way to start cooking up tasty, low fat food at home. You can combine several ingredients you already have on hand and the app suggests recipes accordingly. You can either choose their suggested menu or customise your own meal. Everything is available – starter, main dishes or desserts. It also gives you number of calories per meal. Enjoy!
Cost: £2.49 in the iTunes store

Good Food Healthy Recipes
This app from the BBC contains everything you need to cook amazing, healthy dishes. With hundreds of photographed meals, this app offers many options: nutritional information per dish, ingredients, video tutorial, timer, and much more. This app will be your best companion when you’re in the kitchen.
Cost: £1.99 in the iTunes store

Green Kitchen
Green Kitchen is a great cooking app for vegetarians and vegans, alike. The app ties into the innovative Green Kitchen Stories blog with 78 recipes for mains, desserts and juices. Even though I am not vegetarian, I have been tempted to try some of their recipes. With items like Banana & Blueberry Pancakes, this app could turn a carnivore like me into a vegetarian.
Cost: $3.99 in the iTunes store

EatingWell Healthy in a Hurry has the app for the “healthy in a hurry”. The recipes available make it truly easy to eat well when you don’t have time to cook for hours. This app provides more than 200 quick and healthy recipes for simple breakfasts, quick dinners and low calories desserts. It’s also perfect to use the EatingWell app whilst you do your shopping. Their filtering is great because you can browse the app by category (starter, dinner, dessert), by individual ingredients or total cooking time.
Cost: FREE in the iTunes store

-Lisiane Ndong

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