Are you a boozy shopper?

Come on most of us have done it; had a few too many shandies and then popped out to the shops and ended up buying more than we anticipated! Well it seems this an all too familiar story around Christmas time – and it’s even easier to indulge now that we can shop online from the comfort of our beds and on the move – perhaps it’s the best way to pass the time on a drunken journey home from the work Xmas party?

Kelkoo has carried out some research that shows nearly half of all Brits have shopped online after drinking and in fact quite a few of them only remembered their boozy antics upon checking their bank account, plus 4% only realised when the items arrived in the post! All this boozy shopping is not only good news for online retailers but also for all those receiving gifts from seemingly over-generous friends and family!











The most popular time for sizzled shoppers is from 11pm – 1am when 29% log on. That sounds like the time many of us return from the pub with our beer jackets on and are feeling particularly bubbly and wealthy – everything looks so much more shiny and exciting with a little bit of alcohol in the mix! One in ten shoppers were so drunk that they had to abandon their transaction as it was too expensive and their credit card was declined – oh dear! 9% fell asleep and 13% couldn’t focus on the screen or use the keyboard properly.

Although you might think that boozy shopping produces bad results, some argue that the best purchases can be made this way. But always remember if you do regret your purchases the next morning you can always take advantage of retailers’ returns policy!

Have you ever thrown caution to the wind and made an outstanding drunk purchases that you want to tell us about? Or have you made some terrible purchases that you had to send straight back?

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