Flowers, towers, ponds, fruit and veg – and a flying garden!

Just some of the highlights of Chelsea…

Chelsea Flower Show is in full swing again igniting passionate debate up and down the country about which gardens did or didn’t deserve a medal. We thought we’d bring you some of our favourites and also some handy hints on how to copy some of the ideas at home.

  1. The B&Q Garden won a gold medal and attracted tons of attention for being the tallest ever garden at Chelsea. It included a fab insect habitat created by school children and an awesome tower full of home grown veg – proving you don’t a huge garden to grow your own veg.
  2. Urban gardens are a popular theme and the Doncaster Deaf trust proved space is not vital to create a sensory garden. The most important thing to do is think about sight, smell and sound – normally combining colour, scent and water features.
  3. The Irish Sky Garden has attracted most of the attention – offering visitors an aerial view of Chelsea. Now most of us won’t be able to recreate this flying machine or the 25 pools…but relaxing on a summer’s day next to a lovely pond is definitely relaxing.
  4. The Fruitful Garden proves you can really creative in a front garden. We love the fact they used fruit and ornamental plants next to each other. Believe it or not it’s possible to grow fruit without an orchard!

Did you visit Chelsea this year? Tell which garden you liked the best and what plants, gadgets or tips you picked up.

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