Gothic fashion is back!

As Halloween is tomorrow, I think it‘s the right time to talk about gothic fashion. Yes, it’s “Black is back” this season, and any good fashionista worth her Gucci bag will already have her closet filled with this latest trend.

Even though the word “gothic” has always been tied to mystery and romance, it’s now getting more and more interest from the fashion industry. Vampire style is back with True Blood, Twilight and other movies and TV shows related to the gothic mystique. Moreover, this year during Fashion Week, designers have shown us the best way to adopt this style with a fresh spin on the classics.

So here are some great ways you can incorporate the gothic look into your wardrobe this season:


1. Oasis stitch detail leather jacket – £135 from House of Fraser
2. After-Death On The Nile ankh necklace by Alchemy Gothic – £29.95 from The Gothic Shop
3. Pleated black silk & roses gothic handbag by Sinister – £28.50 from The Gothic Shop
4. Spiderweb tights – £9.78 from Kate’s Clothing
5. Lipstick in Liable range red, matte finish – £1,755 from Net-a-porter
6. Yves Saint Laurent leather and stretch-wool crepe dress – £75 from Sweaty Betty
7. Goth corset with lace – £44.95 from The Goth Code
8. Sapphire Blue Immortal Cross nn llack lace gothic choker – £19.50 from The Gothic Shop


1. Jist womens’ 1-inch white stripe jeans – £28.99 from Kate’s Clothing
2. Heart & Roses red tartan mini dress – £29.99 from Kate’s Clothing
3. Pure wool bustle jacket – £125 from The Dark Angel
4. Underground Creeper wedge black leopard suede – £110 from Office
5. Lipstick in Pristine pure black, matte finish – £12.80 from Illamasqua
6. Black Taxi nail polish – £11 from Nails Inc.


1. Long black lace gothic pagan dress – £59.50 from The Gothic Shop
2. Rock Rebel Lily Munster purple bowling bag – £21.45 from Hot Topic
3. Triple row spiked wrist band – £4.99 from Kate’s Clothing
4. Spatz style high heels – £59 from Dracina Box
5. Punk Rave Demons Kiss gothic choker – £19.99 from Kate’s Clothing
6. Voodoo Vixen button coat – £49.99 from Blue Banana

-Lisiane Ndong

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