Rugs with oomph!

Making an impact in your home without painting, wallpapering or buying all new furniture is easier than you think. Something as simple as a contemporary area rug can spruce up a room in no time. Alternatively, you could also put a rug on a wall for even more dramatic effect – it creates a focal point and can act as a conversation starter. The choice is yours.

We’ve chosen some of our favourite rugs that have a little something extra in the design department.

After Matisse
After Matisse
From £530/sqm
Sonya Winner Studio London

Beci Orpin Tribal Rug
Urban Outfitters

Kite Wool Kilim
from £38.02
West Elm

Paprika Patchwork Rug
Andrew Martin

from 1.699,00 DKK (£197)

Key Shadow by Suzanne Sharp
from £580 per m2
The Rug Company

Festival Rug
from £68

Pebble mat
from £31.71
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