‘Tis the season to be jolly!

It feels like the country is taking a while to get into Christmas mode this year, but in the past week so Christmas decorations are starting to go up in offices and on the highstreet all around the country. Towns are starting to gear up for the turning on of their Christmas lights and soon we’ll all be whistling jingle bells on our way to work… (or maybe not)

The question people are bound to start asking is; ‘Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?’ But when it comes to Christmas shopping there are several different approaches: You’ve got your ‘do it all in the January sales immediately after Christmas and get the best bargains’ types. The people who collect the odd present here and there throughout the year and then there’s the ‘spend the whole run up to the festive season soaking up the atmosphere and shopping’ types and finally the ‘leave it all till Christmas Eve’ types!  We all know where we fit into these stereotypes and we’ve probably all developed a pre-Christmas routine by now, but however deep set your shopping rituals are, research shows that most people do their shopping in last few weeks of November running into the first week of December.

Could this year break the mould though? The very snowy lead up to Christmas we experienced last year caused online retailers to struggle delivering parcels in time, so will you take a more organised approach with your online shopping this year just in case we have a repeat? Some might say that even with good intentions, self confessed last minute shoppers can’t change the habits of a life time!

Research carried out by the Centre for Retail Research found that nearly two thirds of shoppers admit to doing their online shopping whilst they are at work! Maybe those two thirds are the last minute types?! And quite shockingly 1.7 million of us have admitted to online shopping every day at work! Most employers probably expect come degree of this but it’s probably best to keep a check on how many hours you’re spending surfing the web for the best pressies to delight your friends and family on Christmas morning, you don’t want a rude awakening in January when your boss finds out you’ve spent most of December looking for the perfect digital camera for your better half!

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