To Mum, From Me: Mother’s Day gifts with thought

Mother’s Day is just around the corner – Sunday, to be exact. Finding meaningful gifts besides the perfunctory flowers, chocolates or perfume can be difficult. That’s where we swoop in to save the day with our top picks for mums of all walks of life.

For the gardener
This “bee hotel” (at right) is a clever and eco-friendly way to attract solitary bees, ladybirds and other beneficial insects into your garden. Made of timber, cane and other natural materials, this bee hotel is a snip at £19.95 plus P&P and is available from Not on the High Street.

If your greenthumb mum loves plants, but doesn’t have the space for a garden, she might find joy in caring for a bonsai tree. Bonsai is the centuries-old Japanese art of growing miniature trees and plants in pots. The name comes from the Japanese words bon (for tray) and sai (for seed). You can spend a significant amount of money – almost £1000 – on older trees, but there are plenty more affordable bonsai plants out there that are perfect for someone just starting out. The Chinese Elm pictured here is only £39.50 through

For the foodie
If Mum’s idea of a decadent afternoon includes a cream tea, let us recommend a Cream Tea for Two Hamper from The English Cream Tea Company. For £62 (includes delivery), you get scrummy sultana scones, cucumber and salmon sandwiches, jam, clotted cream, meringues, cake bites, tea and cutlery. There is also a gluten-free version of this hamper for £68, or you can add a bottle of champagne for an additional £35. If you can’t take your mum out for a proper cream tea, why not send the tea to her?

If you can’t take Mum out for a bite, but you want to go above and beyond a cream tea, how about gourmet takeaway sent to her home? For those in London, Manchester or Bristol, you can send a restaurant-quality meal to the house – complete with starters, mains, sides and desserts – for about £15-£30 per person. can point you in the direction of a chef in Mum’s postcode who can cook up a gourmet feast worthy of a five-star rating. You pick the items from a set menu , a delivery time, then pay online and the chef shows up with the chosen goodies. We’ve had Housebites many a time and haven’t been disappointed yet. With new cities and chefs being added, your (or Mum’s) neighbourhood should see service very soon!

If Mum’s a true foodie and loves to cook as much she loves to eat, then there isn’t a more decadent ingredient than truffles. White or black, these misshapen globes of tasty goodness add a unique flavour that can’t be matched. There are a variety of truffles (Bagnoly, Périgord, Bianchetto, etc.) on offer from Etsy seller, Truffles of Italy. Because these truffles are fresh, they must be used immediately or stored in a fridge where they will last up to seven days. A 10 gram black Bagnoly winter truffle will run you £6.50.

For the pampered
For the mums that like to relax and be pampered occasionally, a trip to the spa won’t go unappreciated. If Mum lives near Ediburgh, Liverpool, Poole, Kingston, London or Leeds, then she can have the distinct pleasure of experiencing a spa treatment at a Lush spa. From facials to massages, Lush treatments are all performed with their fresh, handmade cosmetics and bodycare products. A 60 minute facial is £75; a 60 minute massage is £65. All spa treatments with prices can be found on their website. Booking ahead is essential and gift vouchers are available.

If your mum’s a bit of a trendy clothes horse, then how about this artsy Front Row Society scarf from Yoox? At £41, it won’t bust the budget and it’s a comfortable blend of 70% cotton, 30% silk – it only feels expensive! It’s almost a metre square, so it can also make due as a snazzy summertime wrap in warmer months.

Last on our list is something a bit more traditional in the way of Mother’s Day gifts. Jo Malone fragrances mix unusual, yet pleasing combinations of fruits, florals, spices and wood. Not only do they sell perfumes, colognes, body creams and hand soaps, they now sell home fragrances as well. We’ve picked out a Jo Malone candle in Pomegranate Noir, a popular choice with Jo Malone fans. A 200 gram candle will cost you £38, but the scent is strong and the candle itself lasts for ages. As a bonus, Jo Malone also offers complimentary gift wrap and delivery!

And to mums everywhere, Happy Mother’s Day from Kelkoo!

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