Top 10 Christmas gifts for kids

Christmas is fast approaching and if your kids haven’t already been putting in requests for their wish list for Christmas then you’ve had a lucky escape! All the toy advents on TV are there to torture parents! We asked a group of 8-9 year old kids what they would most like for Christmas and here are their top 10 answers:

1: Toys from Littlest Pet Shop
2: PlayStation 3
3: iPad
4: Clothing
5: Remote car, helicopter, plane or boat
6: Nintendo 3DS
8: Hello Kitty toys
9: Justin Bieber toys
10: XBox 360

Many kids have expensive game consoles but if yours don’t and it’s something you would like to treat them to this Christmas, then you can save money by comparing prices online! If not then fortunately there are also some other toys and clothes on the above wish list too!

Happy shopping!


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