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Big announcements from all three giants at E3

E3 is an abbreviation of Electronic Entertainment Expo, and is the big computer games trade show of the year, where there are always major announcements. But even by its standards, this year’s event was exceptional. There are three major games … Continue reading

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Apple launches iCloud service

Even in a busy week for product launches something new from Apple is always going to grab the attention. While the launch of iCloud didn’t get people quite as excited as a new piece of hardware would, it was certainly … Continue reading

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Upcoming smartphone technologies

It’s truly amazing how much you can do with a mobile phone these days. They have the processing power of a PC, but with all the benefits that come from being mobile. But the innovation shows no sign of slowing, … Continue reading

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Is the iPod the only digital music player?

Apple has done a pretty good job of owning the digital music player market since it launched the first iPod way back in 2003, and it remains by far and away the market leader. But here are a few other … Continue reading

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What should you look for in a notebook?

With the introduction of netbooks and tablets you’re faced with more choice than ever when you go shopping for a mobile computer. With that in mind, here’s a quick overview on what’s on offer and what you should consider before … Continue reading

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Dissecting the tablet market

Many people considering buying a new PC now have an additional decision to make: should I go for a tablet instead? We’ve already given you an overview of what a tablet is but there are already many different types on … Continue reading

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Next generation consoles still some way away

The latest versions of the three big games consoles have all been around for quite a while. The Xbox 360 was launched in 2005, while the PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii came out in 2006. So many people considering … Continue reading

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Notebooks are getting thinner and lighter

While smartphones and tablets seem to be getting all the attention these days, notebook PCs haven’t exactly been standing still either. Furthermore, many of the advances that have made tablets possible are also enabling notebooks to be thinner and lighter … Continue reading

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3D or not 3D?

The concept of 3D displays has been contemplated for decades, but the past year has seen real products actually hit the market. The question many people are asking themselves is whether it’s worth upgrading to these new products or whether … Continue reading

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3D Camcorders Reviewed – video

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