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The iPhone 4S is now on sale

Technology giant Apple launched the latest version of its popular smartphone recently – calling it the iPhone 4S. The name belies the fact that the physical appearance of the phone is almost identical to the iPhone 4, and the main … Continue reading

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Facebook introducing new features

Giant social network Facebook has been extra busy rolling out tweaks and new features recently. Several of the tweaks concern how you receive news of what your friends are up to. You now have a ticker-style notification bar down the … Continue reading

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Apple refreshes iPod range

At the same time as launching the new iPhone, Apple also launched updates to the iPod range. There are three types of iPod – the tiny Shuffle, the slightly bigger Nano, and the Touch, which is effectively an iPhone without … Continue reading

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Blackberry suffers major service failure

  While Blackberry devices are struggling not to lose market share to Apple and Android phones, they’re still what everyone associates with email and messaging on the go. Then last week Blackberry email and messenger services had failures across Europe, … Continue reading

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The new Kelkoo has arrived!

  Out with the old and in with the new – there’s something about a makeover that helps us feel like we’ve cleansed our souls. But even if you’ve got Trinny and Susannah forcing you to look in that hideous … Continue reading

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Windows 8 focuses on tablets

Software giant Microsoft recently offered the first glimpse at the next version of Windows – Windows 8 – which will formally launch sometime next year. While there will, as ever, be a lot of changes, refinements and new features in … Continue reading

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HTC launches a ‘feminine’ smartphone

HTC has apparently decided women don’t get enough attention in the smartphone market, and has attempted to remedy this with the launch of the HTC Rhyme. The Rhyme attempts to do more for women than just offer some pretty colours, … Continue reading

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