Android News from Google I/O 2012

Wednesday saw the annual Google Developer’s Conference converge at Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA. This is where Google lays down the framework for what’s to come in 2012 and beyond.

Google announced Android 4.1, also to be better known as Jellybean. The update will be more finely tuned and won’t be reliant on quad-core processors as it has in the past. They have also improved the search, especially if you use voice activation software. For those of you who thought that Siri was good, it is nothing compared to Android 4.1. Unfortunately, Jellybean won’t be compatible with Adobe Flash anymore, a move more closely aligned with Apple.

Jellybean will be launched in July for Nexus phones and you can probably expect a number of months before your particular device will be updated to the new operating system.

Android will also have a feature called “Google is now”, a service that, by knowing where you are and what your interests are, will help you learn without even having to look for it. Like, for example, Chelsea FC, you can get live reports from the match without question. If you want to go to a restaurant, your phone will make suggestions for the most popular eateries just by picking up the phone – a very slick improvement.

Google has also launched two hardware products: the Nexus 7 and Nexus Q. The Nexus 7 is a Google tablet running Jellybean, and because they have put a lot of time into designing the product to optimize speed, agility and flexibility it should be a good option to the Apple iPad. A quad-core processor and a 720p screen should make this one a big seller. The second product, the Nexus Q, is a kind of media player. You should be able to stream music, movies, videos and anything else media-related direct from the Internet to your stereo or TV. The device can be controlled via an Android phone through Bluetooth making this a sleek replacement for pricey home cinema packages.

Yes, there are many new and exciting improvements to the Android platform that should make your mobile devices faster and more pleasant to use. We can only hope that this update finds its way into more phones than Ice Cream Sandwich has done so far…

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