CES 2013: What to watch for

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is in full swing in the gambling mecca of Las Vegas, Nevada. Every year, techie types and geeks around the world turn their eyes to the desert to see what new gadgets are on the horizon.

Whilst many of the newfangled electronics showcased at the convention never see mass production, the largest manufacturers use CES as a world stage to show off their latest wares to come in this year or the next.

Already, we’ve seen some exciting developments in the tech world that we can’t wait to see hit the shelves. Here, we focus on a few of the most unusual, innovative and downright cool things we’ve seen so far.

TethercellTethercell – Tethercell, developed by engineers from SpaceX, is sort of a Russian doll for batteries. The casing is the size of an AA battery. Inside goes an AAA battery and the guts to control the battery’s function via Bluetooth. You download an app for your phone or tablet which then allows you to control the battery wherever you have service or a Wi-Fi connection. It could certainly make turning off toys at bedtime interesting!

Steam Box: Codename “Piston” – Popular online game distributor Steam has thrown their hat into the games console ring with their brick-like Codename: Piston unit. We don’t know what the final name will be and, frankly, we don’t care. With 1TB of storage that fits in the palm of your hand, we’re excited to try it only after we see how much it’s going to retail for.

People People transparent speaker – We wrote about this transparent speaker a few months ago on the Kelkoo Knows Tech Facebook page as soon as we saw it pop up on a design blog. Fastforward to December and a successful funding campaign on Kickstarter, and People People is ready to start rolling out production. When will it be for sale online? That we don’t know yet. Until then, we sit and wait.

luggage locatorTrakdot – If you’re an avid traveller, you may have experienced losing your luggage at one point or another. It’s a huge inconvenience, costly and the airlines rarely compensate you for the full value of the contents. There’s finally a solution on the radar: Trakdot. Trakdot is a small device you pop in your bag before your trip. It keeps tabs on the location via cellular network coverage and knows when it’s in the air. Once you’ve landed, Trakdot sends you a text or email alerting you to its current location. Available in April 2013.

Brookstone pillow speaker – There have been many incarnations of methods to comfortably listen to music whilst in bed. Brookstone has improved upon their existing pillow speaker by completely hiding the speaker faces inside allowing for more cushiony comfort for your head. There’s also a small attached remote so that you don’t even have to fumble for the controls on your iPod or smartphone. Just plug in and you’re off to Snoozeland in no time!

Sony Waterproof Walkmen – Waterproof headphones and music players are nothing new. Previous models let you work up a sweat or ride out a rain storm without risk of damage, but you’d certainly never take your headphones into the pool whilst you swam laps. We always wondered what the sound would be like underwater and obviously, so did Sony. These one piece headphones cum music player give you 4GB of on-board music storage and should see you through a full workout at the gym, park AND pool – so cool!

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