Christmas gifts for under £10

If you’re racking your brain for the perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa gift for Christmas this year, we’ve put together a list of the best electronics gifts and gadgets a tenner can buy you. Read on…

Panasonic earbudsPanasonic RP-HJE100E-P Earbuds – Starting at £4.59 from Amazon Marketplace
The RP-HJE100E-P Earbuds from Panasonic are a simple pair of headphones that are perfect for your smartphone, iPod or any other device you have with a 3.5mm jack. Because they are cheap and come in a range of fashionable colours, these are a great choice for a teen or tween who can’t go long without their music.
Colours available: Blue, Orange, Black, Pink, White

Spoon scale
Whilst this list is mainly for our gadget-loving friends and family, we couldn’t leave out those that love to cook and bake. This handy little digital scale is perfect for accurately measuring small amounts of liquids, powders or granules so that recipes turn out right each and every time. Such a novel idea!

Octopus USB flash driveNovelty USB Drives
Novelty USB drives are a fun gift for the computer savvy person on your gift list this year. You can find USB sticks in a range of capacities and shapes. Popular themes are The Simpsons, Lego and Star Wars. Some brands that specialise in a variety of USB drives are EurogeMimibots and Yoousb.

USB cord bracelet
For the fashion conscious geek, there’s a solution for those times when you’ve forgotten that iPhone charger at home. USB bracelets are all the rage and are putting the “fun” in functional. For a smidge more than £10, you can get a Mohzy bracelet (about £11) which comes in a range of funky colours and cool designs sure to appeal to hipsters everywhere.

Cath Kidston London pouchAssorted Cath Kidston products
Cath Kidston is known for cutesy, kitschy homewares and knick knacks that are popular with shabby chic fans. Kidston offers something that not many main retailers do: practical phone and gadget cases in feminine prints with real appeal – perfect gifts for the technologically inclined yummy mummy on your list.

Nerf toys
For kid and kids of all ages, Nerf toys are the great equaliser. Anyone can pick up a Nerf gun and make anything or anyone a target. Add a few Nerf guns at once for the ultimate in office warfare. While Nerf toys aren’t techie, they have always found fans in nerds, geeks and gadget heads and we don’t see the popularity dying down soon.

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