Clever gadget hacks

If you own any gadgets or electronics, you’ll probably find that the item is never 100% to your liking or needs, or you find it’s sometimes cheaper to build something yourself. That’s when clever people with a little ingenuity and time on their hands figure out ways to make life simpler for the rest of us.

Here, we’ve chosen a few smart and very usable “hacks” to make your gadgets more user-friendly.

Removable headphone cables

The fine people over at have come up with a great way to make your headphone cables removable for easier storage or for replacing when a cord starts to fray or lose sound quality. Rather than just chucking the whole headphones, you can now just switch out the cord. Smart!

Battery-less solar powered torch

This solar powered torch from doesn’t use any batteries for energy storage. Instead, it relies on capacitors. It also uses household items like ice lolly sticks in its construction. This project is more for casual tinkerers, but we liked it anyway for it’s simplicity and cost-effective principles.

Make your own lightbox

If you have your own business, blog or you just like taking pictures of interesting things, you know that professional photo equipment can cost a pretty penny. That’s why we like this lightbox tutorial from that utilises items commonly found at any DIY store. For just a few quid, you have a usable lightbox that can run circles over anything you could buy at a store, for less than half the price!

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