Cool! But would you buy it?

Unusual electronics usually elicit one reaction from consumers: “Brilliant!” or some variation thereof. And whilst the gadget at hand might certainly earn such an enthusiastic reaction, would you REALLY buy it?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most weird and unusual gadgets you may or may not want to buy on a whim.

iPhone SLR Mount for Canon or Nikon lenses – $249 (£153)
$249 buys you an aluminium case that enables you to mount your Canon or Nikon lenses to your iPhone 4, 4S or 5. At first, we thought that price included the zoom lens in the product photo. For the equivalent of our hard-earned £153, we’d consider that a steal. Alas, we were wrong. It’s for the adapter/case/mount/whatever you want to call it you’re getting. Whilst we’d imagine this would take off with the trust fund, Instagram types who have cash to splash and places to go, we couldn’t think of anyone we knew who would actually buy this.
VERDICT: Considering the cost of buying an iPhone, the adapter and zoom lens, we’d rather buy the Nikon D800 and call it a day.

The Emperor 1510 computer work environment – $5950 (£3660)
Cash-rich fans of an ergonomic office should be very pleased with the Emperor 1510 work space. We think it resembles a video game chair, and we do suppose it could very well be used for that endeavour, but we’re not too sure that the Emperor 1510 is worth the price. You could buy a cheaper chair and desk from Staples and with all that money you saved, buy yourself some massage vouchers for that inevitable crick in your neck. But don’t feel too bad, we can’t afford it either. The 1510 has a trumped up version, the Emperor 200, that will set you back $49,150 (£30,240) and make you feel even more uncomfortable about your station in life. We hope the shipping is included with that, at the very least.
VERDICT: Because of the exorbitant price and our paltry wages, we must sadly decline. Next time?

Motörheadphönes Overkill earphones – £49
Novelty headphones are nothing new. We owned a pair of Paul Frank Skullcandy earbuds once. They were crap. I firmly believe in spending a bit more for function rather than form. Imagine our surprise when we found earphones that combined three important factors in headphone quality: great sound, decent price and the sheer badassery of Motörhead. The fact that they’re shaped like bullets is just a bonus. The Overkills come in three finishes – silver, brass, black – and include three sizes of soft, rubbery earbud tips (the ONLY soft thing about these headphones, natch). For those who want their headphones to rock harder than they do, these are “ace”.
VERDICT: On the Christmas list for 2013.

Quarkie headphones – £69
Quarkie takes the novelty headphones to a new level with earbud ends shaped like eyes (snake, chameleon, cat), gemstones, a rusty bolt or a viper head (our personal favourite). They’re definitely a conversation starter which, if you think about, is ironic since you’ll be forced to take your headphones out to engage in that conversation. If we ponder a bit more on that, we can also recognise that people who usually wear headphones don’t want to engage in conversation. “Don’t talk to me about my headphones even though I am wearing headphones that must be commented on!” Oh, so ironic. In fact, these are £69 of irony. How’s the sound? We’ve no idea. But they do look nice, don’t they?
VERDICT: If we were 16, we would have been all over these. Adults of a certain age may want to abstain. Otherwise, good teen gift idea.

iCrayon stylus – £7.00
If you have little kids who insist on using your touchscreen device, we can’t help but offer up this chubby little stylus in the shape of the familiar Crayon. Here, we’ve found red and pink iCrayons from Urban Outfitters, although we have seen other colours floating around the internet in green, blue and purple.
VERDICT: Very cute and functional. Great for tech-minded kids.

ION IT27 wall mounted turntable – about £90
In my house, vinyl is king. We have a wall of album covers instead of artistic prints. We even scored an old record cabinet from the 50s to house our collection. Proudly sitting on top of it is our turntable. We aren’t making a decorating statement. We actually use the thing on a regular basis. Had I known this wall-mounted turntable from ION existed, I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat. It could have sat smack dab in the centre of our epic record wall, saving space in the process.
VERDICT: Why didn’t we find out about this sooner? We’re lovin’ it.

Wireless Planter Speaker – price not available
Who buys this tat? Honestly, we want to know.
VERDICT: Absolutely not.

Giant desktop earbud speakers – £39.99
Another groan-worthy novelty gadget that will sit in a kid’s room until they realise that the speakers are horrible and will finally demand something better. Out in the rubbish they will go. Let us take the time now to discourage anyone from buying these and go for a better quality, longer lasting speaker like the JBL Spyro or Harman Kardon Soundsticks.
VERDICT: Crap design. Probably crap sound. Crap crap crap.

Boxx electric commuting scooter – $3995 (£2458)
If you lived in Legoland, this would be the scooter you would ride around on. It’s electric and goes almost 40 m.p.h. One full charge takes four hours and gets you about 40-60 miles before you have to recharge. You can upgrade to a better battery that will take you between 80-120 miles on one charge. The Boxx could change the way urban commuters get around. Only available in the U.S. for now, the Boxx would happily find a home in my household. Only one word to describe the whole thing: WANT.
VERDICT: Let me reiterate myself, WANT!

Smartphone Controlled Desk Pet Carbot – $29.99 (£18.45)
What’s not to like about the Carbot? It works with a wide range of devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android. It charges on a USB input and has four different game modes to master. We’d certainly like one of these in our office! Kids 8 and older can enjoy it, too. For that reason, we’re in.
VERDICT: Tech toys? Sign us up.

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