Down to the wire: last minute tech gifts sure to please

Christmas is around the corner. If you still need some gift ideas and money isn’t really a consequence, you can choose these high tech products that will please anyone.

Apple iPad MiniApple iPad Minifrom £269
The iPad mini is great present for Apple fan! You get truly interesting features: retina display, dual cameras, a big screen. It’s perfect for those who like reading in bed, playing games on public transport or waiting for a friend in the pub. It’s small and very easy to carry.

Nexus Google 7 tabletfrom £199
The Nexus Google 7 is a great device! It allows you to have all great features of a tablet for under £200. With the cloud-based services from Google, it’s said to be the best Android device so far. You get a quad core processor, 16GB or 32GB of storage, an HD display and much more. It’s a device suitable for anyone, geek or not.

Wacom Bamboo StylusWacom Bamboo Duo Stylusfrom £27
The Wacom Bamboo Duo Stylus, in our humble opinion, is the best pen ever! It’s sleek, smooth, and serves as a traditional ball point ink pen on one end and a rubber tipped stylus on the other. It’s well adapted for the iPad, iPhone and any other touchscreen devices. It allows you to easily write, draw, type and navigate within your device. No more fumbling around for two instruments when all you really need is one.

Rocksmith Guitarfrom £50
The Rocksmith Guitar video game is awesome! It’s perfect for all level of guitar players as it helps you learn chords, notes, riffs and more. You can use Rocksmith to learn real songs, and all notes are available with truly accurate note recognition. You can also use it with a guitar you already own by plugging it with the Rocksmith Real Tone cable (included with the game). Rocksmith Guitar is available for Xbox, PS3 and PC.

Nike Fuel bandNike Fuel Bandfrom £120
The Nike Fuel Band is perfect for the health conscious person on your gift list. But make sure the person does not take it personal by thinking that she/he has to exercise more. It’s truly a great way to track your movements and gives you motivation when you exercise. Alright, it’s not going to replace your personal trainer or yoga classes, but it will help you to keep track of all your efforts.. That alone can give you a little extra push when you see the results of your hard work. It’s a great present for active people and those willing to be more active for the New Year.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus SmartphonePrice: Free on a £36 per month contract or around £300 for SIM free
The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a great smartphone option for this year. This phone is a mix of Samsung and Google, so it’s truly multipurpose. It’s one of the latest Android phones and very popular at the moment – nearly eclipsing the Apple iPhone 5 in popularity. The Galaxy Nexus operating system is customisable, so you can download apps according to your preferences. Also, the new features will please the most finicky of consumers: data control, Android beam, great design, 4.7 inch screen, 720 x 1280 resolution and much more.

Asus eee pad TransformerAsus Eee Pad Transformer tabletfrom £300
The Eee Pad Transformer tablet by Asus is a great tablet for those who want something different. It’s one of the main rivals to Ipad. This tablet has a sleek design, unique functionalities, so it can work for a range of users. The great thing about this tablet is the keyboard dock (sold separately) that transforms this tablet into a notebook – brilliant! The Eee Pad Transformer is equipped with Android 3.2, and you can get 32GB or 64GB of storage.

Sonos Play 3 Wireless HiFiSonos Wireless Hi-Fi systemfrom £230
We all love listing to music from different rooms. Sonos is great for streaming music from your computer, smartphone or other device. With a Wi-Fi connection, you can put the Sonos in any room in the house. There are two different Sonos Wireless HiFi systems: the Play 3 and the Play 5 with the Sonos Bridge acting as a router so you can carry the wireless connectivity farther throughout your home or office. To control the speakers from your PC, phone or tablet, you just need to download the corresponding app.

Bose SoundLinkfrom £250
Bose SoundLink is a great gadget for any person. It’s small, sleek and has very good sound quality. You can move it around the house, inside and out (it also can run on batteries), and plug it into your computer or smartphone. You can also synchronize it with iTunes. This gadget is impressive and the person receiving it will just love it!

Kindle Fire HDKindle Fire HDfrom £160
The Amazon Kindle Fire HD is a winner this year. Amazon has shown us its capabilities as an eBook reader and now it shows us it can also pull double duty as a tablet. Kindle Fire is the biggest competitor of the iPad mini and Google Nexus 7. The price is considerably cheaper than the aforementioned products  – it starts from £159, a great value for money. Even though it has a low price, you still get a quality product with sleek design and touchscreen capabilities. It’s an all-purpose tablet that allows you to directly access Amazon’s multitude of content – music, games, films, television shows, books, magazines and more! For the true connoisseur of e-tainment, the Kindle can’t be beat.

If you’re short on time, here are some helpful links on last orders shipping for Christmas.
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-Lisiane Ndong

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