Hottest techie toys for Christmas 2012

With only five and a half more weeks until Christmas, you might want to think about starting your holiday gift shopping if you haven’t done so already. There are a few must-have, hi-tech  items that seem to be at the top of almost every kid’s wish list.

We’ve listed our top techie toys for 2012 below:

Furbies aren’t new to the toy scene. Made by Hasbro, Furbies originally came out in 1998. These interactive robotic toys have metamorphosed over the years and today’s version of the Furby has successfully merged with the digital age. Modern Furbies have LCD eyes that change depending on its mood, they dance and respond to speech and touch. Furbies come in a range of ten colours (fuscia, dark blue, light blue, turquoise, white, black, yellow, red, purple and a mottled pinky-purple), so you’re sure to find one for the most finicky child.

Furbies also come with their own app that helps you decipher the Furbish language it speaks, yet you can also teach it to learn English. Nifty, huh? We’re not sure this has much in the way of educational value, but it seems children are wild for Furbies again like they were 14 years ago. The buzz on Furbies is positive so far, so we definitely see this item at the top of the list for Christmas this year. Furbies retail for around £60 and up.

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LeapFrog LeadPad 2 Explorer
We love this “tablet for kids” as it not only keeps children entertained, it also helps them read, learn maths and create videos, art and so much more! The LeapPad 2 retails for around £90 with game titles going for about £20 each. There are a few optional accessories for the LeapPad 2 Explorer like headphones (£13) or a pen (£6). If your child already has a LeapPad, we’re not entirely sure if upgrading to the Explorer is worth the money. The LeapPad 2 does have a front and back camera making it a nice addition, but not necessarily a must-have item.

Regardless, LeapPad 2 does have more recent titles to choose from such as a learning game based on Disney Pixar’s Brave, comes in green or pink and the recommended age range has dropped a year down to 3-9 years (the original LeapPad is for 4-9 years old). If you’re definitely sold on getting your child a LeapPad 2 Explorer this Christmas, definitely shop around as there are quite a few smaller toy retailers selling for cheaper than the advertised prices on the LeapFrog website.

Air Hogs RC Hover Assault
Every year, it seems that remote controlled toys get more and more sophisticated. This year is no different with Air Hogs one-RC-car-that-does-it-all. This thing flies, shoots missiles and drives. You can combine the flying and driving together which, in turn, causes the Air Hogs RC Hover Assault to hop over obstacles – very cool!

From the reviews we’ve watched so far, it seems that this toy isn’t particularly easy to master even for adults, something you should think about before purchasing. And, like all RC toys, it takes a lot of batteries to operate, so you might want to consider throwing in some rechargeable batteries with this gift. Recommended age for this toy is 10-12+ and it retails for approximately £40-£50.

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