Playstation 4 rumours and facts

If you’re a hardcore gamer, you’ve no doubt been anticipating the announcement of the Playstation 4 console. As with any new platform, rumours have been flying about the cost, will it play PS3 and used games? We’ve found answers to the top rumours so you can be well-informed about Sony’s next generation platform.

When will the Playstation 4 be out? This holiday season. Whilst no particular date for release has been set in stone, this usually means mid-November – just in time to drain your wallet for Christmas!

How much will it cost? No price has been officially stated yet. Here is where rumours and speculation abound. Some are guessing that based on the original PS3 cost (£425), production costs, inflation, competition and a host of other factors, the PS4 could range anywhere from £300-£500. We’d be surprised if it cost more.

Will the PS4 play PS3 games? Will it play used games? This is the answer we were most interested in. A few weeks ago, some key gaming news outlets ran stories stating that Sony was working on patent for installing a chip that would eliminate second-hand games from being played on the console, effectively putting a huge dent in the used games industry. It’d suffice to say that Playstation fans weren’t pleased.

This rumour has been quashed by Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios. In fact, you’ll even be able to play your games on your Vita in a feature called “remote play”.

And how about that backwards compatibility with PS3 games? Um, we hate to break it to you, but no. There is a glimmer of hope that eventually, you may be able to play any Playstation game on any Sony console.

What PS4 games will be released? Titles announced at Sony’s PS4 presentation last night included Knack, Killzone: Shadowfall, Driveclub and Infamous: Second Son. If Sony delivers on talk of delivering downloadable content immediately, you should see some older Playstation titles added so you still can get your Mario Kart fix if you need it.

Also, you can count on a newly designed controller with a share button so you can instantly take screen caps for posting on your Facebook or Twitter page. The PS4 DualShock 2 controller has all the features of the old controller plus a few extras: a built-in touchpad, the Start and Select buttons have been moved to the sides, plus a colour-changing light bar across the top.

There’s lots to look forward to with the PS4. We hope the games library opens up considerably for this come sales time as it could greatly hinder people’s ability to give up their PS3 titles for a barren PS4 roster. Considering that there are a good nine months before we see the PS4 hit shelves, a lot can happen in that time. We’re hopeful.

For the full official list of improvements, click here.

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