The iPad prototype that “never” existed

The photos below are of the ’035′ iPad prototype that Steve jobs famously denied at a conference in 2003 by saying that tablets were a “niche market” and were only for “a bunch of rich guys who can afford their third computers”.

The leaked evidence that Jobs was actually working on a tablet of some sort has come to light in view of the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit based on Apple’s claims that Samsung had infringed on Apple’s many smartphone and tablet patents. The photos presented as evidence are supposed to have been taken from between 2002-2004.

The ’035′ tablet was more akin to a laptop in size and weight but still featured the rounded corners that are used in the iPads today. It’s quite bulky and unwieldy by today’s standards, but goes to show that Apple had actively jumped on the tablet bandwagon quite soon after Bill Gates showed off a prototype of his own in 2000 at ComDex.

If anything, the ’035′ prototype shows that Apple is capable of extreme secrecy and can only make one wonder what other top secret gadgets they have up their sleeves.

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