Touchscreens and buttons living in harmony

So far, the realm of touchscreen electronics has been a black and white issue where keyboards or buttons were concerned. Your choices were full screens with digitized pop-up keyboards like the iPhone or a touchscreen with a real keyboard combined such as on a Blackberry. People were torn between the two and you either loved one, hated another.

With technology moving as fast as it is, it wouldn’t be long before a company came along that could successfully bridge the gap between screen and keyboard.

US-based company Tactus has developed a “blistering touchpad” that produces raised bubbles over the button graphics giving the user the tactile feel of a real button that is missed when using a traditional touchscreen. This has advantages not only for daily use, but for gaming enthusiasts, too.

Tactus says the technology won’t be rolled out until the middle of 2013. We also don’t know which gadgets will be the first to receive the technology but thus far, the prototypes have been demonstrated using an Android tablet.

Watch the demo below to get a preview of this exciting (and weird) technology.

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