Sex and the City Hotels

Sex and the City (Carrie moves to Paris)
At the end of Season 6, you may remember Carrie jetting off to Paris to be with Aleksandr Petrovsky. Per usual Carrie style, she checks herself into the opultent Hôtel Plaza Athénée located in the Champs-Élysées area of Paris. We’re wondering how she could afford it after buying all those pairs of Jimmy Choos as rates for this stunning 5-star hotel start at €635 (£506) a night.

The cost is a drop in the bucket when you consider what you get in return: three restaurants (one owned by award winning chef Alain Ducasse and one open seasonally), two bars, plus the Dior Institut spa, room service around the clock, a wine cellar, fully stocked mini-bars and even a pillow menu with six types to choose from. Nothing has been left to chance here and it shows – definitely a Carrie-worthy property!

Sex and the City: The Movie (Carrie’s non-honeymoon in Mexico)
This portion of the movie was actually filmed in a private home on the Malibu, California coast. Who knew? Since you can’t rent the home for your own “Mexicoma”, you can find a suitable alternative in the One & Only Palmilla Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Cabo, located on the Western coast of Mexico, is surrounded by the azure blue seas of the Pacific Ocean making this a top spot for sport fishing, golfing and those looking to escape the cold winter weather. Amenities include golf, tennis, basketball, water sports, a spa, four restaurants, one bar and, for a nominal fee, use of the Palmilla’s private yacht for jaunts around the Sea of Cortez. Rates for a deluxe room start at approximately $850 (£535) per night with optional meal plans purchased separately. Although, we advise you still shouldn’t drink the local tap water to spare yourself from having a Charlotte-type accident.

Sex and the City 2 (Abu Dhabi)
Because the Sex and the City film crew were denied access for filming in the UAE, Morocco was substituted in Abu Dhabi’s place. The hotels used for filming were a combination of the Hotel La Mamounia and the Taj Palace in Marrakech.

The Taj Palace was under construction at the time of filming and only exteriors were utilised. The hotel actually opens on 1 December 2012 with rates starting at approximately £300 per night excluding any meals. While details on the Taj website are few, we’ve found that the printed hotel brochure shows the property to be quite promising!

The La Mamounia oozes opulence out of every pore. From the suites to the spa, the four restaurants, five bars and the immaculately manicured grounds, you’re reminded of why this hotel is a standard favourite with the international jet set. The most inexpensive rooms start at approximately £425 a night and the three bedroom riad with private pool costing a whopping £7630 per night. But once you view the photos of this one-of-a-kind property, you’ll definitely see why it’s worth every Moroccan dirham!

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